Data/information/ knowledge: distilled into beautiful, useful graphics & diagrams


Report Design

As report design specialists, we help convey what’s most important and best about your company, in a cohesive, accessible narrative, that engages from the first glance, and keeps your stakeholders invested in your business.

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Our visual explanations take the complex and make it intuitive. Satisfying, eloquent visualisations that reach out and guide your audience through the most arcane and abstract ideas, with information-rich, modular and reusable flowcharts, charts, graphs, maps, and timelines that support your narrative.

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Report Microsites

Our nimble, digital-first strategy gets your story up onto the screen where it counts. From phone to tablet to laptop, dynamic graphs and interactive data keep your audience engaged and curious. Throughout the journey, all interactions are tracked and shared with actionable insights.

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Shareable Content

Good content is hard work, so make sure it’s durable, reusable, and formatted for easy social media amplification. All our shareable content is robustly web-friendly, keeping it coherent throughout every niche of your communications, from print, to presentation, to the inbox.

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A 500 page report, video, interactive PDF and web site were produced for the launch held over 2 events during UNGA 2019 in New York. The process was intense, with the report being released iteratively over 6 weeks. This required high levels of flexibility, good communication and exemplary core skills. Despite this the working relationship was good, the quality outstanding and I will look for every opportunity to work with them again.

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McKinsey & Company
GSMA Intelligence
United Nations
mTech Academy
Nera Economic Consulting