You know you need to report on your organisation’s work. But the bland, wordy documents you end up with seem like a waste of time. No-one reads them. No-one remembers what they say. Last year’s reports become this year’s expensive door-stops.

You’ve got a nagging feeling you’re not making the most of changing technology. And even though you’re doing great things and have data to prove it, it’s not getting noticed by the people who matter.

We’re here to tell you there’s a better way. Because with strategic design that’s created for the digital world, your reports and infographics won’t just get seen – they’ll get shared. 

The Challenges of Complex Data

Complex data can quickly turn off even the most attentive and educated readers. In order to avoid scaring away your dedicated audience, it is crucial to know about the most critical challenges that complex data poses for your reader:

  • Boredom. Pondering over complex data is a tiresome process. If you don’t opt for the most appropriate tone of voice, or go too heavy on industry terminology, your readers could quickly get bored. The chances are that they will either lose interest in your content or your company altogether.
  • Confusion. If you don’t succeed in presenting your data clearly, you risk making your readers feel ignorant or awkward for not comprehending your message. This might send them looking for the same info elsewhere. Worse still, they might draw the wrong conclusion about what you have to offer.
  • Lower recollection rates. The more complex the data you try to convey, the harder it will be to understand. Accordingly, the less successful it would be retained in your readers’ memory.
  • Low social shares. Given that complex data could likely only be interpreted and appreciated by a smaller pool of people, the viral aspects of your content could find serious obstacles.

Reports are an investment you want to get right. They’re an essential chance to tell your story, share your insights and showcase your achievements.

As report design specialists, we’ll craft the story of your data and messages into a memorable narrative that pulls people in from the first glance – helping you capture the attention of your audience and grow their connection to your organisation. 

How can we be of service to you?

Agent Jones is a team of specialists, focused solely on turning your data and messages into something exceptionally shareable. Here’s how we can help.


Make an impression with reports that pack a visual punch.


Turn complex data into attention-grabbing graphics.


Get your story onto screens for impact you can measure.

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The working relationship was good, the quality outstanding and I will look for every opportunity to work with them again.

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Agent Jones is our go-to agency for reports, ensuring every design has a unique, tailored look and feel that is still consistently aligned with our brand. Their design and account management team played a pivotal role in the report’s ultimate global recognition and success.

Kailey Fuller-Jackson GSMA

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