We engineer empathy, clarity, and originality into each project.



We’re steeped in information. Most of it doesn’t cut through, and that which does is all too rare. Adroit, articulate communications are rare and special. They don’t happen by accident. Intuitive simplicity takes a lot of hard work. By smart people. People like Agent Jones. An information design agency obsessed with engineering persuasive investor relations and stakeholder communications.

Our Process


We listen, with curiosity and empathy. To you, your audience. About what you both want. How you want to say it, and how you want it to look. We spend time analysing the raw content and data, until we know the information inside out and back to front.


Sketching, thinking, talking, we get a feel for the layouts, the main beats of the narrative, and how they interact and interplay throughout the story. As the roadmap of information comes into sharper relief, we interrogate how it’s best served, in text, images, graphs, charts, and infographics.


Taking in all existing brand and design system considerations, we establish a core design style. A visually generous lexicon of colour, imagery and shape.  Something human-centred, that doesn’t get in the way, but rather lifts, sharpens, and enriches the solution.


Did we hit the bullseye? Were your core objectives met? With precise web and social analytics, and polling of your audience, we get actionable insights that make the next time even better.

James Mentz

Co-founder – Business/Digital

“That would usually take about three days – we’ll do it in one.”  When the clock’s ticking, and everything’s riding on you getting it right, first time, James takes care of it.
For the last 24 years, from London to Cape Town, he’s led teams that have designed and developed award-winning websites, mobile applications and corporate communications for clients like Microsoft, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Unilever, GSMA, The United Nations, and The European Union.

Toby Attwell

Co-founder – Design

Good design is not a happy accident. It takes massive hard work and a keen eye. Toby combines a teutonic work ethic and an obsession for getting it. Just. Right. 
With 16 years’ experience in graphic design, he’s designed everything from album covers to infographics. His portfolio spans books, packaging, and annual report design for major events, exhibitions, international music, art and film festivals. He’s worked for global clients like GSMA, Mobile World Congress, Penguin Books, The Goethe Institut, and the SA Pavilion for the Venice Biennale.

Quinton Bruton

Co-founder – Design

Tweets. Retweets. Kid YouTubers. Trump said what? A Kardashian did what? And then we come to your annual report… this is where Quinton comes in. He cuts through the static, finds the signal, and gets your message just where it needs to go.
Since graduating 16 years ago, Quinton has designed and art directed campaigns for blue-chip clients such as DSTV, Deloitte, The Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, The United Nations, GSMA, Mobile World Congress, and Penguin Books. He’s won awards for it too, including a handful of Loeries, and a One Show Pencil.

A 500 page report, video, interactive PDF and web site were produced for the launch held over 2 events during UNGA 2019 in New York. The process was intense, with the report being released iteratively over 6 weeks. This required high levels of flexibility, good communication and exemplary core skills. Despite this the working relationship was good, the quality outstanding and I will look for every opportunity to work with them again.

Sam Baker Deloitte

McKinsey & Company
GSMA Intelligence
United Nations
mTech Academy
Nera Economic Consulting