Effective communication doesn’t happen by accident – it needs to be engineered


What we do

Agent Jones is a specialist team of information designers. We get deeply involved with each project, working closely with you to create something exceptional.

With a focused, hands-on approach, we’ll turn your data, stories and messages into shareable, memorable content. That includes reports, infographics and microsites, all designed with the latest technology in mind.


Your messages deserve to be seen

No matter who your audience is, one thing is guaranteed: they’re overwhelmed by information. There’s so much content being churned out, too fast for anyone to read it all. Most of it fades into white noise, barely noticed and quickly forgotten.

And there lies your opportunity. Because the fast pace of the digital age means carefully crafted, well-designed information is more rare and attention-grabbing than ever. By communicating simply, clearly and strategically, you can cut through the noise and make an impression where it counts.

That’s where we come in.

Our Process


First, we need a deep understanding of you and your audience. This starts with us asking questions about what you both need, and listening carefully to your answers. We’ll also immerse ourselves in your raw content and data, taking the time to become as familiar with your information as we would with our own.


Using our specialist knowledge, we’ll develop a roadmap for turning your data and messages into something remarkable. This stage involves strategic thinking, sketching layouts and fine-tuning the story your data tells. The result is a clear plan for how to transform your information into effective text, images, graphs, charts and infographics.



With your existing brand in mind, we’ll create a core design style for your project. From colour and imagery to shape and typography, the best design is human-centred and lifts the information, rather than distracting from it. A clear, consistent and versatile design helps visually tie various parts of your project together, whether it’s a printed report, an infographic or a microsite.


Looking great isn’t enough – your information also needs to hit the mark. Our digital-first strategy means we’ll have precise web and social analytics to assess your project’s impact, and we can poll your audience to get specific feedback. These invaluable insights help inform future actions, to make sure the next time is even better.

James Mentz


Growing up in a laid-back, creative community with an artist dad, it was only natural that James would go to art school, with his sights set on becoming a sculptor. But in an unexpected plot twist, he discovered design… and then computers – a perfect fit for a creative who’s organised and precise. And, okay, maybe a little obsessed with the details.

From London to Cape Town, James leads teams that create award-winning websites, mobile applications and corporate communications. His speciality is digital design, where he loves to craft interactive, immersive experiences for audiences across the globe.

Toby Attwell


Toby always knew design was the right career for him. He grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe surrounded by artistic, engaging people, and found he naturally enjoyed creative pursuits like art and typography.

As well as the artistic side of design, he comes alive doing those parts of the job that most people hate – like data, problem solving and the thrilling challenge of “a really complex puzzle that can last for weeks” (his words).

Quinton Bruton


With a strong interest in art from a young age, Quinton was introduced to technical drawing by his brother (who’s also responsible for the motorbikes). This visual communication was a natural fit for Quinton. He almost chose to become an engineer, but his love of design ultimately won out.

Quinton has since created and art directed campaigns for clients such as DSTV, Deloitte, The Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra, The United Nations, GSMA, Mobile World Congress, and Penguin Books. That’s earned him awards along the way, including a handful of Loeries and a One Show Pencil. He especially enjoys turning complex data into a visual story that’s easy to understand.

The working relationship was good, the quality outstanding and I will look for every opportunity to work with them again.

Sam Baker Deloitte

A stellar job of presenting rather dense content in a dynamic and engaging design ... Thank you for making us look so good!

Beth Morrissey mTech.Academy

Agent Jones is our go-to agency for reports, ensuring every design has a unique, tailored look and feel that is still consistently aligned with our brand. Their design and account management team played a pivotal role in the report’s ultimate global recognition and success.

Kailey Fuller-Jackson GSMA

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